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Java Servlets are the middle layer program between server and database between the HTTP servers which is activated when there is request being called from web browser. Although they can answer any type of service request but most comes from web servers commonly. They in turn act as the extended part of Servers as Java Programs only. You can also go through Servlet Tutorial For Beginners that are written for teaching the new learner with examples and offers complete support for daily guidance as well.

Before this concept of Common Gateway Interface was used for enhancing server side capabilities but Servlets with new technology have emerged more superior over them which led to huge rise in terms of usage among web applications.

Main advantages that Java Servlets have over CGI are mentioned below:

  1. Java Servlets are extremely portables with basis on writing once, run anywhere (WORA) program. If you have developed Servlets on window machine with tomcat server then the same program can be used again UNIX based OS giving multi platform compatibility. This property is possible because these programs are all written in Java and uses standard API protocols within themselves.
  2. Java Servlets are highly scalable and efficient as multiple requests are being able to run individual threads whereas CGI Scripts used lot of speed and memory resources for simultaneous requests adding in the time and service delay to the user.
  3. These Servlets can be easily written within the use of Java APIs plus you can count upon for cookie handling and session tracking much better with this Java components.

4.Earlier used CGI programs were not able to communicate directly to web servers for sharing data but these new Java Servlets technology makes easy connection with databases with session tracking they are able to store all information request to request.

  1. These Servlets are completely server side component which has complete web server security. Moreover they are also secured by using Java Security Manager.
  2. Servlets are also protocol independent services being able to support any protocols like FTP (File Transfer protocol), NNTP, and Telnet Sessions etc.

7.Java Servlets have more handling capabilities than CGI scripts which were written in C++ that if used for exceptions might cause web server to crash like divide by zeros conditions whereas in Java Servlets uses exception to handle these errors more sophisticatedly. Servlets also have the capability to access J2SE and J2EE with Java Programming language results in better dynamic solutions for website. They also enable smooth transition between web servers and respective Operating systems.

If you could all these points in one go Java Servlets have powerful fundamental architecture, performance, secure, flexible and overcome most of the disadvantages that were made by CGI scripts. At Javatutorialpoint you are bound the best and sophisticated tutorials for Java Programming For Beginners.  All of our tutorials offer step by step expert guidance educating the students online 24×7 with free information. You can also ask for FAQ, queries, Fixes and solution from our team members with right solutions.


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